Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In Defense of the Quickie

I'm baaaack bitches! And I am feeling inspired to write about one of my favorite sexual acts: the quickie. Consider this a quickie post on quickies.

Obviously, a quickie means something different to everyone. For me, a quickie is a fast sexual interlude, often not including much foreplay but it can include some kissing or hand stuff or etc. Often the goal is orgasm(s) for one or both partners in a quick amount of time, because hey we've all got shit to do. I would state that for me, a quickie must be shorter than 5 minutes. But I think that can definitely vary from person to person. If you're used to having sex for an hour at a time, a quickie might look more like half an hour or 15 minutes, for example.

I have written about this before, but I think there is a misnomer in heterosexual society that women hate quickies because it's hard for us to get off in a short amount of time, with only penis in vagina penetration involved. First of all, not all women need a bunch of romancing and foreplay in order to reach an orgasm; many do, and that's cool! But hashtag not all women, folks. I myself can come within 30 seconds of the first clit touch, especially if I'm in the mood or with someone I'm really excited to be having sex with. Second, a quickie doesn't have to consist of penis in vagina action, and both partners don't have to get off! In fact no one has to get off, and that's still fine. Let's break the heterosexual ideas on quickies and queer this up a little bit, friends. Third, not all women or people even want to have an orgasm during a sexual encounter, or want to feel pressured into it. Sometimes a swift reminder that you are wanted (in that way) is enough to fill someone with endorphins and good feels.

Sometimes, when you're first with a person, you just want to spend all day/ night/ weekend fucking them. Which happens to me too, even though I tend to cum quickly and can't necessarily keep up the same level of interest after that. But some of my favorite long-term relationships started with some fast sex, and continue to be based in quickies. Brief moments where we see one each other naked, suddenly decide we need to bang, and then move on with our days. Which is simply lovely moment to share with people! Repeatedly. Throughout your lives together.

Don't hassle yourself too much if you cum quickly and prefer shorter sexual interludes. Sex is one of the best things ever, but trust me: as someone who is totally obsessed with sex, I can attest that there is more to life and love than sex alone.