Monday, March 21, 2016

Just Reminding Everyone that I Sell Porn, Too, Plus Juicy Porny Photos

Hey you pervy Kitten fans- I know I don't write on this blog much these days, but I hope to get back into it more soon :) I've been busy working on my side projects, and one such project I'd like to share with you is my amateur porn efforts.

When I started writing this blog I was still working at a cable porn company in Boulder, watching porn all day and wishing that could be my career. Since I left there what... almost 4 years ago now, if you can even believe it, the Internet porn industry has changed so much and it has become a lot easier to just throw some clips up and make some $$$ off them. So while I am not expert when it comes to shooting and editing and websites and etc etc, I am an expert at bullshitting my way through things and can now officially add "amateur porn star" to my resume that will never actually get me any "real" job ever.

It took me like 2 whole months to figure out how to edit the scene that the photos below are from- that's how amateur and occupied with other things I am. But I finally figured it out and now my first ever B/G POV blowjob scene is available! You can find it and other clips at ManyVids (this is where most of my clips live right now, but they take a larger cut just FYI) and AmateurPorn (only 2 clips here thus far but I get more money from them just FYI).

VIP Secretary Looks
It's no secret that I love blowjobs, and if you've been reading this blog then you know I also love cum. My friend who shot this scene reads this blog, too, and he had a nasty idea about having me dress like his secretary and then having me tease him with a beej before popping all over my face and glasses. My response to this idea?

Hell yes.

I got so excited I couldn't even keep my pussy in my panties

My friend lives in DC so he came to visit me in my hotel room there on a recent visit. He has just the sort of dick I love... I mean ok I love all dicks, and I love different sorts of dicks for different reasons. He has a perfect dick for oral though; big, but still fits in my mouth, plus uncircumsized and velvety in texture.

It was so much fun to shoot this scene! Seriously, I have a lot of fun with my wacky sexy lifestyle, but this really topped my experiences for that week. I'm such an exhibitionist and experiences like this one really make that abundantly clear. Don't believe me?

Then check out my damn pussy and asshole, have I proved my exhibitionist tendencies yet?
I don't want to spoil the scene too much, but let's just say I got him good and hard, and it ended like this:
That's cum on my glasses
So what are you waiting for? The best way to encourage me to continue working on this side project is to incentivize it with your cash money, so kick some my way and enjoy some jerk-off time with me :)