Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Meaning Behind My Tattoos, Part #2: Phoenix

So I just got a new tattoo of a phoenix on my hip that is super sexy and super exciting Simultaneously, I'm attempting to learn how to take better "professional" photos of myself, so that I can do photoshoots on my own schedule or whenever the mood strikes. I put professional in quotes because, well, I'm still an amateur. As the photos in this post will make blatantly evident. They were taken with an iPhone, which I don't think I realized would make them look the way it did and I definitely have to figure out how to charge the battery in my better camera. And I don't know how to do lighting. And I just use my "office" as a setting and didn't attempt to dress it up in anyway. But they're not bad for a first effort! I'm about medium to medium-high proud of them.

Unfortunately, none of the photos I'm about to share show off the tattoo super well, but you can get a feel for it from them.  But I am definitely feelin' myself and I think it shows. Below find the one that shows my tattoo best.

The tattoo is done in a watercolor style and goes from just below my rib cage to mid thigh on my right side. This tattoo has a lot of personal significance for me; it is located on my right hip as I was born with congenital hip dysplasia in that hip (check out the link if you're curious what that means). I was in casts and braces for the first 3 years of my life, and the doctors were not sure I would be able to walk or have normal mobility as I grew older. However, I healed almost fully from it and only have a barely perceptive limp to show for it. This early experience with the medical world was traumatizing for me, and could be a factor in my anxiety disorder- but I came out of it more able-bodied than I was expected to be. Choosing to place a phoenix there is a reminder of my ability to experience hardship with grace, and to learn and adapt and heal and eventually "rise out of the ashes."

I promised a sexy story to go along with each tattoo, but unfortunately I don't have much to go with this one yet! I mean, other than it looks fucking amazing on my body and a couple of hotties have cum on it thus far.

Or how about this?: When I was getting the 2nd session of it done, I noticed that the artist who worked across from my artist (who is amazing, by the way, but I am reticent to share his name in this public of forum... even if the advertising might be great for him) was super hot. I mean, not just normal hot- movie star quality hot. At least in my eyes. He was working on a woman who was getting a tattoo under her breast and who surprisingly seemed in a lot less pain than I, even though hers was on her fucking ribs, right near her heart.

I had a particularly difficult time with the pain of this tattoo, which I think is apt, given it's meaning. I was able to get through the 2nd session only through watching him work on her. It was such a sensual looking experience to me- not that I want to sexualize someone elses tattoo experience, so I will just say that it was soothing to me to imagine it being sensual for them. It helped to make my tattoo more sensual, and helped me to think about how to find pleasure in the pain. I'm not usually one to make sounds during the tattoo process, but as I got higher from the pain I began to work through it by moaning lightly. I hope I didn't weird everyone the fuck out, but they all seemed to be just fine and not surprised.

Well, if the sound of that squicks you out or if pain isn't your pleasure (trust me, it's only rarely mine when I need it to be), here's some more pictures from the shoot to make up for it :)

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  1. Great tat. Story behind it is inspiring and iphone or regular camera, you look hot! I wish I could cum on that tat and your face.