Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mission Squirt and the Mystical Gspot

When I was eighteen or nineteen I bought a pair of crotchless panties and then wore them while I played with myself. 'Twas a simpler time for the innocent young Kitten, and I was so turned that I experienced female ejaculation for the first time. I was rubbing my clit and came so hard for such a long, continuous period of that a bunch of fluid just came pouring out of me. I had heard of female ejaculation before and always hoped it would one day happen to me, and then it did. I was also convinced that I had actually just peed myself, but didn't really care because it felt great.

For years this was the only way I could squirt- by having a clitoral orgasm so intense that eventually my muscles just started pushing fluid out. It was a few years after I did it that first time that I discovered it was easier to make it happen with a vibrator, and throughout my mid-twenties I could produce that result somewhat regularly with a bullet vibe or the magic wand or just about any vibrating thing that was handy. As I got closer to my thirties the result was harder to produce, and the last few years since turning thirty my squirts have been few and far between. Not that I'm complaining- in some ways that made it even more special when they happened.

I've always been jealous of those who could ejaculate through gspot stimulation. Until recently I thought I may have done it a few times- some who fingered me noticed their hands getting extremely wet on some rare occasions. Or sometimes, after sex, there would be a wet spot on the bed that seemed a lot larger than a normal sex wet spot.

A small victory was won earlier this year after I purchased an Njoy Pure Wand and one of my boyfriends used it on me with such vigor that I ended up squirting all over him. It's actually one of my very favorite sex memories of recent history; he was jacking off and using the wand on me at the same time while I rubbed my clit. I felt him coming on my thigh, which in turn made me come on his hands, his arms and his dick. This is why I say a penis doesn't have to go into a vagina for sex to be hot.

The thing I loved about this particular type of squirting orgasm was how easy it felt. With the type that it clitoral alone, I have to work very hard to eventually ejaculate. And it's usually just a trickle. With this it was uncontrollable and I didn't really feel like I was doing much of anything- other than coming like crazy, of course. It felt like the wand was forcing it out of me. It felt like letting go, like giving into something.

As a bottom in my deepest heart of hearts, that sort of orgasm appeals to me.

I've been practicing for a good long time now, and it got to the point where many of my partners were able to get me to squirt with the wand, but I wasn't able to do it myself or really instruct people how to do it. Some people could figure it out, others couldn't. I started to notice that there was definitely an angling aspect to it, and that the particular angle was hard to achieve on my own. I also noticed that the strokes had to be short and quick and... well, pretty fucking forceful. I had to be getting truly and deeply hard fucking fucked.

Where am I going with all this? I would like to officially announce here, on my lovely Dirty Words sex blog, that I figured it out!!!!! I found the angle, I found the spot, and I'm a squirt machine. I can do it on my own, and I'm pretty sure I can show others how to do it too. I even think I'm on my way to being able to ejaculate through penetration with dicks or fingers, too, though it may take a lot more practice until I'm there. I definitely did ejaculate on one fella recently who was giving me a good rogering from the bottom while I sat on top of his cock. I'm sure he's smiling to himself about that memory if he's reading this now.

I hate to make this all about business, and believe me it's really not. But I think I deserve to sex worker power up now?

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  1. Hard to know how to comment in a calm way to a post like this. I mean, holy hell that is about as hot as it gets!