Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I wanted to take a moment to try and direct some traffic to a really great new provider advertising site, It may seem strange that I would want to do this, but I assure you I have no ponies in this race (is that a commonly used metaphor or did I just make that up?). I just really like the user interface of the site and think it's beautifully designed, and I really want to see them succeed because I think they're good people. I don't actually know much about them; I first learned of them when my friend/lover who went to the Desiree Alliance conference (a sex worker conference for those not in the know) gave me a tin of lipbalm that they were giving out there. Outside of that, I know I have been advertising for free with them during a trail period, but am not sure how much ads will cost in the future (advertising is one of my largest business expenses, as is to be expected, but some of the big sites gouge and they know it. Especially for top placements or any advertising outside of the bare minimum. There's a reason why so many providers gravitate to backpage; it's one of the easiest and most affordable options). And I know they post a lot of marketing, legal, business and activism information on their blog, which is something I appreciate. Other big advertising sites do that as well, but I like the tone of slixa a little better.

So, if you're a client and you're looking for an ad site that is easy to use, beautiful to look at and extremely helpful to providers, check it out! That's, s-l-i-x-a.

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