Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hi, My Name is Kitten, and I Have a Panty Fetish

Preparations to launch a new panty selling venture have got me thinking about how much I legitimately love panties. You may think I'm writing this blog strictly for marketing purposes, but I assure you that my panty fetish is serious. Let me tell you about it.

It is often a little... weird to talk about childhood sexuality, but since it is my own I am about to talk about I don't feel too weird about it. I was very sexually precocious. One might even say it was predictable that I would grow up to be such a shameless slut, since I discovered masturbation and orgasm when I was around 6 or 7-years-old. For some strange reason, though, I never figured out that I could actually directly touched my pussy. From the very beginning, it was always about my panties. The way they felt against me, and the way they felt even better if I pulled them nice and taut. Eventually I discovered that if I pulled them taut and then sort of... for lack of a better word, itched my clit with my fingernail through my panties, I would get some really good feelings down there. Good feelings that would build to a crescendo and then a great sense of relief. My mother caught me doing this once and, bless her heart, told me that I could do that all I wanted to but I had to do it in private. This was how I discovered masturbation and orgasm, and how I did it for the next 10 years.

When I was 14 and a freshman in high school a gay, 18-year-old senior bought a Playgirl for me. If you've never looked at a Playgirl (I don't even think the magazine is produced any more, sad day), it's not all cocks and balls. There's a lot of pussy in Playgirl as well, which just goes to show that females are more comfortable with their pansexuality imho. Anyhow, upon seeing women touching themselves without wearing panties I had a realization that I could try that too. But I didn't until I was about 17  or 18. I think it was a combination of worrying that it wouldn't work and also being pretty happy with my technique at the time. Once I tried it worked great and I never went back to my panties-on-clit-itching technique because it just wasn't as good. There's nothing like the feeling of dipping your fingers directly into a wet cunt, after all.

To this day, though, I still love incorporating my panties into foreplay and sex. I love it when people pull them taut for me and tease me with them. I love getting my pussy rubbed through them, though I'll never get off that way (another great tease!). I love when people push them aside to lick or fuck me, but don't take them off. Or when they pull them down around my thighs to lick or fuck me but don't take them all the way off. I also love doing things to my lovers with their panties or underwear still on. All the things I just mentioned having done to me, or sucking or rubbing dicks through boxers, or that moment when a dick pops out of boxers and I shove it in my mouth because I'm so happy to see it.

In conclusion: did I mention I like panties? Here I am with my hand shoved inside a pair last night, right before the cat taking the photos ate me out while I was still wearing them. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, my name is Anonymous and I have a Kitten Karlyle fetish!

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