Monday, February 18, 2013

My New Tattoo: An Explanation

All of my tattoos have a little story behind them, a reason for why I decided to permanently alter my body in that particular way. Some of the stories are kind of stupid, but that doesn't make me any less fond of the tattoo or proud getting it or aware of what I was going through at that point of my life. I feel like the one I got a week ago, though, is the best tattoo ever. It kind of puts all my other ones to shame.

It is a heart made out of rainbow colored Tetris pieces (aka Tetriminos), which on it's surface may seem a simple "I love Tetris" tattoo. And frankly, I do love Tetris. And a lot of other video games. And that's partially what this is all about.

However, this Tetris heart is also a bit of a metaphor to me. It also represents my commitment to the various types of relationships in my life, be they romantic or friendly or platonic of anywhere in-between. Fitting these relationships into my life is like a game of Tetris in many ways: you have to think fast, you have to fit the pieces together... it doesn't always go right and you accidentally drop your long piece in the wrong spot right when you were about to drop it in to clear 4 goddamn rows and get a TETRIS! The rainbow colors (though they didn't turn out quite as rainbow-y as I wanted) represent my pride to not only be queer/pan/bi/sexual/whatever, but the great pride I take in my ability to be openly and lovingly slutty. The spot on my chest is the spot where people typically get "sacred heart" tattoos, and so the placement represents the fact that I hold love/sex/relationships in a spiritual place in my heart. I worship at the alter of hedonism and respect for my fellow humans.

That was actually a terrible spot to choose, though. It hurt like a motherfucker.


  1. I love the honesty you have of your life and the beauty and joy with which you celebrate it. Extraordinary and lovely. Thank you for sharing your inspiration. And your boobs.

  2. Lovely tattoo...and now, if I see you in public and look at the tattoo, I won't secretly be having to wonder what your boobs look like as I am given a good reason to stare at your chest in public :)

  3. I like your analogy for an open heart as a Tetris game. It is beautiful in simplicity.

    And I must admit that I feel your pain, I got a chest piece done in Nov and Dec on my left peck (man boob) and It hurt like Hell!!! And was totally worth it.