Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lesbian Erotica round 2

This story is only partially true... OK so mostly fictional. But I imagine it will be fun to try and figure what is true about the story, and what I made up:

In some ways she really is the girl-next-door stereotype. She just moved in next to my husband and I at the beginning of this month, and we only move here a month ago ourselves. I thought all of our neighbors were surprisingly quiet until she moved in, and I realized we just didn't have any neighbors on either side before her. Her bedroom is right next to mine, and I can hear her play songs on her laptop, talk to her friends on the phone, and cough late at night. I can only imagine what it must be like for her to hear us fuck at approximately the same time almost every night. Or what it's like for her to hear me- or us- fucking our friends, or our groups of friends?

I met her the other night on the elevator. She is much younger than me, in her early 20's, and in the medical industry in some way because she was wearing scrubs. She's very petite and even loose fitting scrubs made her figure look thin and tiny. Other than a big pair of tits no scrubs could hide. Long blonde hair, obviously meticulously curled in the early morning hours before work, and lots of black eyeliner and mascara. I somehow knew by the way she looked at me that she was the new next door neighbor, and she had already seen me at some point and identified me as the kinky group sex swinger next door. She and I were basically almost in a porno in the elevator, but luckily we live on the 2nd floor and the trip up from the garage was too brief for me to prey on her in some lesbian cougar fashion. But even if we lived on the 6th floor, I actually wouldn't have. I never come on to women.

However, tonight I was sitting here answering emails and I heard her and a female friend chatting and giggling. When I hear her talking in her room, I can't make exactly what she's saying; just bits and pieces and the sort of overall feeling in her voice. I can't really hear what her and her friend are saying, but it sounds flirty. And maybe a little drunk? I admit that I was surprised when their conversation became quiet for a time and then quickly turned into sex. I didn't peg her as being into girls, exactly, though when I thought back to the elevator I wondered if I missed the hint of a signal she may have thrown my way. Did she maybe even wink at me?

Their moans start out low and soft, and mostly together, punctuated every so often with a giggle or a statement. Soon it progressed to only one girl moaning, and I began to think about what might be happening. Likely one girl was going down on the other, and I imagined it was my towhead friend in scrubs between her coworker's legs, the coworker's scrubs pulled down around her ankles. I wondered if her coworker was brunette, thus creating the stereotypical hetero-normative male-fantasy girl-on-girl porn scene I always play in my head. Long haired, femme, lipstick lesbians with fingernails way longer than anyone in a medical profession should have. I find my hand down between my legs, fingers dipping into my pussy while I imagine blondey slipping her fingers deep into brunette's pussy.

Hearing them is driving me wild, and now second guessing my interaction with blondey on the elevator, the idea forms in my head that they might like hearing me too. I begin to moan softly, then pinch my nipple and moan loader. I don't hear them for a moment and then continue my moans, suspecting that they have stopped and are both trying to decide if they heard someone else moaning. Eventually the suspected brunette begins to moan again. 

It's clear she's putting on a show for me now, so I try to put on one for her too. She's getting all theatrical and saying things I can't quite make out, other than that they're typical sex things like "oh yeah," and "fuck me." I start saying things like "yes," and "oh God," and totally getting off on this whole interaction. I can't see them, but their sounds are just enough to really make what's happening in my mind seem real.

They switch it up a bit, now their both moaning, then the other one, then both moaning again. I keep rubbing and fingering myself, imaging them fingering each other, 69ing when their moans are muffled, grinding their pussies together when their both getting really loud. I can't take it anymore and I make myself cum, which I express is happening to them very loudly. 

They keep going for a while after that, and I decide to write this because I can't sleep with all their stupid sex noises now. Lesbians have sex for such a long time! 

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  1. I don't care what's bullshit or not. Sooooo HOT!! I wanna be your other side neighbor soooo bad, eat you, er, i mean meet you in the elevator and well you know . . . just more porno-fiction I guess. So just for future reference and masturbating purposes, would you blow me in an elevator if I winked at you?