Friday, October 5, 2012

Exciting New Metric Media

First of all, I found my new theme song:

But also! I went to go see Metric tonight! With Arthur Dent and Zephyr, and we were the bizarre little poly triad where the girl is the pimp. OK, so I guess V would be more accurate, but I don't think triad is entirely inaccurate because those two totally want to bone.

Anyway, they didn't play Lost Kitten, but I found this sweetass dress at the merch counter:

Stupid taking pictures of yourself in the mirrow :( Turns the words around! But it says "Lost Kitten On The Catwalk." It's me!
And there's my vagina. I wonder if Metric would appreciate this picture, or if they would disapprove? I'm going to go ahead and believe they would approve. And that they're reading this blog right now!

So Metric, if you're reading, this little lost Kitten loves your new album, Synthetica. It's getting me through the fall this far, and reminding me to be human.

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