Saturday, October 6, 2012

DixIT, a Board Game, Spurs Me Into Creating a New Blog

Don't worry, I'll still be posting here plenty. But I just wanted to let some of the regular readers of this blog know about a new blog I started. I called it Liver Journal: A DixIt Project because it's on LiveJournal, which for some reason I typed as "liver journal" in the search engine earlier tonight and liver journal tickled me, and also because it is a project based on the board game DixIt.

For those of you who don't know, DixIt is a game that has these really beautifully illustrated cards. The idea of the game is to give everyone playing a sentence that sort of hints to what's going on with the card, but doesn't just totally give the card away. Then the other players choose cards out of their deck that might also fit that line, the cards are shuffled and then players vote on which card they think is the original one that spurred the sentence. The object is to have some people vote for your card, but not all the players.

Anyhow, the cards make great story prompts and I decided to start this blog in order to flex my creative writing muscles even further. It is not a sexy blog, necessarily, unless that's where my brain takes me as I'm writing. This is a family game after all, you perverts.

If you're interested in this type of thing, check it out:

Friend me on LiveJournal if that's the type of thing you like to do!

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