Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Responsible Hedonism

I have recently been reading about the philosophy of Hedonism and decided that this is basically the life philosophy I independently chose for myself. My main goal in life has always just been to have fun, share love and compassion, and experience pleasure.

Of course, life is full of things that you need to do in order to optimize your fun or pleasure, and an unfortunate consequence of these things is that they're not fun. Take exercise. I freely admit to hating it. It is not at all pleasurable for me- never has been, never will be. However, being in at least OK shape helps my immune system so that I get sick less, keeps my energy up, and helps me have better sex. So I should try to do some exercise so that I can get the most out of life, shouldn't I? How can I make exercise worth my while?

I have decided that any low impact exercise session now earns me one masturbation session. Today, I walked a mile. And then I rewarded myself. I am calling this responsible hedonism. I suppose that I should only reward myself with sex by, say, running a mile, but let's be honest. That ain't gonna happen.

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  1. Running is bad for your knees, I am completely agents running for any reason that doesn't involve being chased by something scary. However, biking is good for your health (but not too fast) I personally lost nearly 50 lbs from riding my cruiser bike around Denver.
    And as for your self reward concept, if it feels good (& doesn't hurt anyone) Do It!