Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Have A Skype Threeway

Web cam sex has always felt a little awkward to me. Despite my ability to write some pretty decent dirty talk, I have a hard time getting it out of my head in real life. My attempts at dirty talk IRL are often awkward because I just feel so silly saying things. Without dirty talk, web cam sex is just mutual masturbation. And don't get me wrong, I love mutual masturbation. Love. But when you can't touch the person on the other side of the screen it feels a little empty to me.

However. Have you ever tried having a threeway over Skype? If you're an exhibitionist or a voyeur I highly recommend both sides of the experience.

Step 1) Have a lover who is out of town often. In my case, it is my dear Zephyr, who is constantly out of town for one work related thing or another.

Step 2) Encourage your  lover to have sex with others while out of town. This is key. You can't be monogamous and you can't be those sorts of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," couples. They have to have sex with someone else while out of town, and you have to be willing to talk to them about it constantly. And get horny thinking about it.

Step 3) Get to know your lovers out of town lover a bit. I suppose this only works if the person your lover met lives in a place where you lover travels often, or who your lover falls in love with so that it makes sense for you to develop a relationship on them. And then a crush on them. In helps if you are bi/ pansexual like me. We shall call Zephyr's lover MPDG, for Manic Pixie Dream Girl (in the best kind of way, like me. Not a silly character who's only purpose in this plot is to inspire our hero and heroine to a greater sense of self through wacky adventures, but rather a girl who is just pretty awesome).

Step 4) When distance is getting you down, schedule a date to "talk" over Skype. Our first Skype date was with Zephyr and I in Colorado, and MPDG in her East Coast locale. After spending several weeks with Zephyr, she was missing him something fierce and also wanting to get to know me better.

Step 5) Awkwardly transition into having sex for the other person's amusement somehow. One thing you can do is just suddenly decide to put your bare ass right in the web cam's view. This cuts the tension of having the mostly unfamiliar face there when the sex begins, and makes it all about genitals.

Step 6) Try and do all the ridiculous sex positions and things you can think of to impress the other person. No one needs to get off here; this is a show!

Step 7) Have more Skype dates with your lover on the other side of the camera with their other lover. Now watch them do impressive things for your entertainment and play with yourself a little.

I have to admit that while I loved performing with Zephyr for MPDG, my favorite was actually watching Zephyr and MPDG together. It was like having my own porn that I could direct, though I didn't direct much. Plus, you know what one of the hottest things in the world is to me? Watching another woman get off with one of my lovers doing all the work. I know what it feels like, I can imagine what she's feeling. Seeing his fingers move in and out of her pussy was just... incredible.

Skype was definitely made for group sex. I wonder what it would be like to have all sorts of different scenarios- 2 people on each side; 3 people on 1 side and 1 on the other side; an orgy on 1 side; an orgy on each side; 2 lesbians on 1 side and 2 gay dudes on the other side. The possibilities are endless.

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