Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Friend Mary Jane

Weed makes me horny. And I'm not just talking about a little boost to the libido; I basically can't stop thinking about sex as soon as I take a hit. If I do masturbate or have sex, I basically can't help myself from orgasming continually. It makes me much more interested in it, and interested in doing it for a longer time. It. Is. Awesome.

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (acronymed to PCOS for the rest of this post) about 6 months ago. Not much is known about PCOS, but my doctor had recently read an article about how sugar and a (in this case mine) body's inability to process it can be connected to PCOS. My period's were irregular, and I wanted a natural remedy to that issue because I had been taking birth control to try and deal with it for too long. So, though it wasn't guaranteed to work I tried to cut sugar from my diet almost completely. One thing that has a lot of sugar in it is alcohol, so I stopped drinking because there were many ways I was not enjoying myself with alcohol anyway.

After about 6 weeks of feeling pretty stressed out (coming off of sugar can be really mentally and physically difficult- it is a highly addictive substance), and not being able to eat cake or cookies or even a slice of white bread and definitely not as much wine as I needed to get drunk, I decided that I deserved another type of stress relief. I expressed this to a friend of mine who is a regular smoked, and he surprised me with a couple of lovely buds for my birthday. I began trying smoking it anytime I wanted to relax after work or social engagements, and now here I am. I smoke it pretty much every night after work.

And it. Is. AWESOME.

My life hasn't gone to hell at all and I'm pretty much 100% more relaxed and happy all the time now, so I think I totally believe that all the anti-marijuana propaganda they try to shove down your throat really was BS the whole time. I'm sure it can cause some very serious problems for some people, blah blah blah. Whatever, I think it's great for me. It is here to stay.

I'm not really sure what it does to my lady parts, but whatever it is I can't complain. I figure it must be a little like viagra in some ways- it feels to me like maybe it increases blood flow to the area, or just increases it overall? Every sensation is much more pure and intense. Every thought is much more dirty. I crave touch and to be touched, I crave to lay back and luxuriate in my pleasure, I crave to give my lover more pleasure than they gave me.

What I really don't understand is : why isn't everyone talking about this all the time? I know weed doesn't make everyone horny, but I know it makes other people super horny. Why aren't they writing about it in their sex blogs? Why aren't they telling other people to try it for libido? Why aren't doctors prescribing it like viagra? Well, that's a more complicated question ;)

Or does it really just make me more horny than everyone else?

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