Saturday, June 2, 2012


UPDATE: I completely forgot to link to a post I wrote for dodson and ross when I originally wrote this about owning your nude presence on the Internet. I think it's an important issue, don't you? Here is a link to that.

I have so many things I've been putting off writing about and haven't written and now I'm sick and don't feel like writing about anything right now. But a few things are very worthy of note, and I feel they should be mentioned. Hopefully I won't forget about all the great things I wanted to write about later.

First, my partner launched his sex toy line yesterday and we all had an outrageous party because 4 people actually bought one! Please go check it out and consider buying one if you like sex toys, it's really an awesome one (trust me, I can be hard to please)

Second, I have been meaning to post sexy pictures of my vagina here for a while, and now I finally have some. So here they are!

And also, here's a picture that isn't of my vagina, but that I just really like

I decided recently that I'm actually going to become a porn star, so uh.... if you actually shoot porn and want to shoot with me then let me know.

Yes I'm serious.


  1. Those photos are awesome! I found your blog after your post on Dodson and Ross - I think your attitude is fantastic :)

    xx Dee

  2. Oh Dee, thanks so much :) Your name sounds really familiar to me- perhaps I just know you from the D&R community?

  3. ahhhh..... thank you!

  4. I think you have a great looking body love your smile you have very sexy pictures of your vagina