Sunday, April 1, 2012


How have I never written about squirting on here? It's one of my favorite things in the whole world. Not only do I love to do it personally, but I am obsessed with it. I love porn with squirting, love hearing about other women squirting. I've never seen another lady do it in person, but I would just about die for the opportunity to. It's so beautiful, vulnerable, feels so good. I want to share it with the world

I hear that many women squirt from g-spot stimulation, but alas that is not for me. I'm all about the clit, and powerful vibrators are what do it for me. I can usually only do it lying on my back or in a sitting position, but I have been able to do it squatting a few times. Never on my hands and knees, but I always try to because then I could see it really well. It's easiest for me to do alone, but I sometimes do it with a partner watching me, and perhaps assisting a bit with some fingering. I have done it a few times during PIV, but the cock needs to be pulled out for it to happen. And I have to be using a vibrator at the same time, of course.

There is a sense of intense release that occurs for me with a squirting orgasm that I don't get from a non-squirter. Which isn't to say I don't love all orgasms, but I do try to squirt every few days just to get that special release. I wish I even knew how to begin to describe how it feels, but it's really hard for me. I have to have a very long orgasm. Basically, I will start to cum, and then I will really focus. I will put my whole mind into the orgasm, and try to take it deeper. My hand seems to know exactly how to move the vibrator around, and what pressure to use. No one else can get me quite there, though some have come close. I go deeper and deeper into the orgasm until a really intense pressure will build up. Yes, it feels like I have to pee, and for all I know that's exactly what I'm doing. But it feels so much better than having to pee. Much deeper, much more arousing, like every nerve in my body is on fire and concentrating on pushing things out of my pussy.

Then, all of sudden, liquid will start to drip out. Sometimes I have to stop right there, because it's too good and I become too sensitive. But sometimes I can push it farther, and when I do I will usually get a nice stream spurting out and landing on my thigh. I love how warm it is, and how gooey; gooier than I would expect. My pussy will be swollen and red after a session like that, and won't go down for about a half an hour. I have to go wipe up, not just from the squirting but also because my hole is always dripping wet. If I was showing off for a partner, I love to have them penetrate me right after I squirted. I can usually continue to cum that way, because I'm so sensitive. I can cum from the inside! Though it won't make me squirt again.

I want to squirt on all my lovers. I want to cum in their mouths, and on their dicks and pussies. I want to see them jerk off with my squirt as lube. I want to squirt into a cup and then have someone drink it. I want to squirt in my own mouth and all over my own body. I want to do it on camera and share it with the Internet. I want to squirt so many times that I have to wash the soaked sheets. I want to have a dozen girls squirt on me in a bukkake fashion. I want to collect a jar full of squirt and then use it to make flowers grow.

Sorry, got a little carried away there :)


  1. This is awesome. I really want to learn how to squirt, sometimes I get that feeling of having to pee when I cum and I try not to shy away from it but nothing ever happens - squirting wise.
    My boyfriend also said he'd be grossed out.. i guess also bc he's not expecting it. But I don't let it stop me from trying because, hey, I swallow his cum and thus he can deal with it. lol

  2. Well, I'm glad you don't let the possibility of him being grossed out stop you. I don't know this guy, but seriously... any guy who's grossed out by the thought of female ejaculation gets a serious no-no head shake in my book. Perhaps all he needs is a little education, though.

  3. You can squirt on me anytime and in my mouth :):)