Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hump Day

Not Wednesday! The movie. I watched this movie the other night with a girlfriend. A girlfriend or a girlfriend, you ask? Perhaps a little of column a, a little of column b. Anyhow, here's the link to the wikipedia page

(I often find a like the wikipedia page about movies better than the imdb page, though imdb does have the nice trivia section)

I am uncertain how to feel about this movie. I both liked it and didn't, I feel more conflicted about it than just about anything ever. In my entire life. So I think that means the movie was good, then, because it got me thinking. Right? But it also made me like... tear my hair out.

The story is that 2 best friends from college or some such nonsense reunite after not having seen each other in 10 or so years. One is married, sort of a straight-arrow type who doesn't want you think he's a square. He's hip, he's cool, right? He and his wife have just decided to get pregnant. The other is a world-traveler, hobo-ish, Jack Kerouac hipster wannabe. He shows up at the house of the straight-arrow and his wife, who's sex life seems to be a little uninteresting though comforting and loving.

Then the BFFs go to what appears to be an average weekday night hippie potluck polyamory gathering at an artist community house where a girl the hipster wannabe just met lives. Straight-arrow is immediately put slightly off his game by the fact that one of the girls hanging out in the house is already dating the girl who his friend just met, and appears to not be upset at all by the fact that his friend and her GF are making out in the other room. Crazy!

They get increasingly more drunk and high as the night wares on, all the while the wife is patiently waiting to serve them pork chops for dinner at home. They end up sort of daring each other to make a gay porno with each others for Humpfest, the porn film festival for amateurs that the Stranger holds in Seattle once a year. They think that nothing could be more artistic then 2 heterosexual dudes boning each other for the sake of bro-like love.

The next day they awake hungover, but neither will back down from the dare. So they essentially act like macho assholes about not chickening out and actually going through with the filming. Kerouac asks Square "won't his wife care? " And Sqaure sort of tries to make it sound like their polyamorous and his wife will be totally cool with it. Various forms of wackyness happen from there, as you can well imagine.

Do they go through with it? Well, I can't tell you that because you have to watch it. But I will say that the ending is extremely disappointing, which probably makes the answer pretty obvious.

This film tip-toes right up to the line of ground-breaking work in the realm of human sexuality and relationships, even sticks it's big toe slightly over the line, but then runs away with all the glee of a small child that has been caught doing something slightly naughty and foolish. I was really hoping for it to smash the line, color outside of it and show utter disregard for what is "normal."

Still, this was no romantic comedy. It was one of the most honest films I've ever seen when it came to the conversations had between the husband and the wife. Their ultimate resolution to the problem hints at a relationship strong enough to be polyamorous, even though it's not clear if that's where the end up going. The relationship between the heterosexual best male friends is incredibly honest too, and feels genuinely loving. These are 2 guys who would definitely have a romantic relationship if only that silly old gay sex was keeping them straight.

Ultimately, I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys over-thinking and over-analyzing relationships and human interaction of any type. Also, the Kerouac inspired character was played by the same guy who plays the camera guy in the Blair Witch Project. He still acts?!

Once the movie was over, my girlfriend and I spent at least a half hour trying to figure out how to initiate sex with each other, much like our heroes of Humpday when it came time to film their love for one another. She and I had never had sex with just each other before; only threesomes where our various shared men initiating things. Honestly one of the most confusing things to me about having sex with another woman is who initiates, who leads, who "fucks" and who is "fucked." Ridiculous, I know. I think I just need to practice more.

What was interesting about who initiated between us was that we both sort of ended up doing it, after we both mutually put it off forever in self-aware "we sure are silly" sort of way. I began to give her a massage, she reciprocated. I held her hand, she moved in for the kiss. I'm glad we eventually did it though, because it was awesome. I love fingering other dames- since I don't have a penis, it's sort of the closest thing I have sensation-wise. I love just looking at pussies. I love feeling them get wet. I got super wet myself going down on her and fingering her, and I once again put my oft-questioning mind at ease. I sometimes feel like I have no actual lesbian or even bi or queer cred. But then I take a magical vagina journey, and I feel pretty credible for at least a day or two.

I am at least 100% more gay than the character of Humpday. I'll tell you that much.

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