Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sex Clubbin'

I have been to a couple of sex clubs within the last few years, and nothing makes me happier. I mean, that sounds a little soft; I'm not sure how to convey the overwhelming emotions of tranquility and exuberance that being in a room full of sexual expression gives me.

Last weekend I visited Bat/ Stingray Man in Seattle where he is currently residing. For a bit of context, he and I are both a board of directors here in Colorado trying to get a non-profit sex club started. It just so happens that the mothership of our non-profit is in Seattle, where they already have a nice little club that's been going for over 10 years. As would only make sense for us to do, we visited while I was there.

The party we went to was huge, lots of people there. The space is not huge, so it was packed. They usually have the play space set up a certain way, but the theme of the party we went to was that play could happen anywhere other than the bathrooms. So the club was packed full of people getting their sex on everywhere. A couple was fucking on a chaise lounge in the middle of the dance floor. Several suspensions were happening all over the place. Someone else was getting a sexy massage in the kitchen-ish/ snack area.One person was tied to the St. Andrew's Cross and being flogged while another person was climbing the rack on the other side of the cross, and a beautiful moment happened when they held hands between the rack and the cross.

Having sex in a space like that is truly a privilege for me. To be watched by others and for them to allow me to watch them is nothing short of amazing. To be so close to people I don't know- to bond with them over sexuality without ever even saying a word to them- feels more natural to me than any other social interaction I can think of.

I feel so in my element in these spaces. Whenever I do it, whenever I'm with all these people and we're all being sexual, I know what my life was meant to be. My mission is clear, and I am in a room full of people who get it.

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  1. "My mission is clear, and I am in a room full of people who get it." I love that. I know I would also enjoy that. I really like your blog. Let me know when you open your club. I bet it would be great.