Friday, January 27, 2012

O's Birthday

I wrote this piece for a friend's grad school admission application. She is applying to an expressive arts therapy program, and so she wanted a perspective from those involved in her birthday celebration, which was basically a piece of BDSM performance art. This isn't my most sexy writing ever, but it is about one of those sorts of things that only happens to you when you have multiple sexual partners who also have multiple sexual partners. This story is sort of what all the best parts of poly are all about, to me at least.

I can’t even begin to describe what a beautiful thing it is when friends band together; using their combined creativity, resources and skills, to create a moment. A work of art, contained within an event, from the minds of innovative geniuses. I have been lucky enough to be part of several such moments, and all I can say about them is that I feel that they are what life is about. Everything between these moments is only leading to the next moment, bits of ideas and specks of inspiration.

My friend O’s birthday is one such moment that will be frozen in my mind forever, filed away and kept safe for future inspirations. She asked all of her friends, myself included, to make her birthday wish come true. And what was her birthday wish? It was not a chocolate cake or a neatly wrapped present or a kiss and best wishes. It was not so simple.

For her birthday, O wanted to be stripped naked and painted brilliantly iridescent silver before being raucously chased down by her friends and caught in a net, like a rare and magnificent fairy. Once captured, she wanted to be bound to a tree by rope and pelted with glitter. And with an idea so wonderfully unique and whimsical, how could we not make her wish come true?

We put our heads together over a massive email chain that included at least 20 people. We found an outdoor venue willing to host us during their Dia De Los Muertos fetish ball. Someone brought their giant net from their car trunk. Someone else brought their tarps and paint. The rope geeks practiced their knots and planned their restraints. Container after container of glitter was purchased. We all delighted in how masterfully our plan was coming together, and giggled when we imagined how pleased O would be.

The night of the moment came, and we all arrived early in order to prepare the space for O. Curious fetish ball attendees look on as we filled buckets with glitter and set tarps out. O arrived, resplendent in an outfit pieced together of her most glittery pieces. After some drinks were had, the fun began. O was stripped and painted the color of the moon in fairy tales. She was chased and brought down forcefully in her gigantic butterfly net. She was tied to a tree and covered in fistfuls of glitter, 20-30 people joyfully laughing as glitter left their hands and showered through the cool night air. Once she was covered, O was released to roll through the glitter that had collected on the tarp. Millions of shiny little sparks were set off all over her silver body in the silver moonlight. The moment unfolded before our very eyes, stunning and sacred. Emblazoned forever in our memories.

It was over all too quickly, but we all took a little reminder with us. O wasn’t the only one covered in glitter, and as we still find little pieces of glitter in our clothes and on our pillow cases months later, we are given little bits of ideas and specks of inspiration for the next moment.

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