Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Message Brought to You By "It Gets Better"

I have mostly admired the "It Gets Better" campaign from afar, having not really been bullied much as a teen (at least not for my sexuality). Some of my friends were bullied though, and I have been really happy to see a lot of the positivity that has come out of the campaign. Also saddened by those it was unable to reach.

I had to share this video because it kicked my ass with it's brilliance. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Sex

How does someone who has good sex all the time write about it without being annoying? I feel like I haven't really had bad sex since I was about 27. Sure, the occasional off night. Sometimes the chemistry hasn't been there, but the sex hasn't been bad either. And ever since I stated identifying as poly and dating other like minded individuals; holy crap. Everyone I know is good at sex! Is it because we're all so open minded? Is it because we all think about sex a lot? Or am I the one who changed.

Still, before 27, bad sex was an infrequent thing for me. There is one time that is really emblazoned in my memory as being particularly bad. I had met this goth guy, like a for real goth (keep in mind I was living in Colorado and it was... 2002ish? 3ish? So that sub culture was still pretty predominant here), and I don't even remember where I met him. The Internet is highly possible, but I feel like it could have been through friends of friends or something too. Anyhow, he turned out to not just be goth but to be a little nutty and sort of think he was a vampire. It's entirely possible that he was fucking with me, or full on insane, I don't know. But the sex was.... so bad. He wouldn't go down on me, and I mean come on. That's pretty much the 2nd thing a vampire would do after drinking your blood (I'm pretty sure). When I went down on him he wanted me to use my teeth, and not just a gentle scraping. He full on wanted me to bite his dick, which I just couldn't do. He couldn't cum and neither could I. He bit my neck so hard that I had bruising that looked like I had been strangled and couldn't move my neck the next day. I remember actually crying because I felt like I had exposed my cat to something truly evil- but I was probably just projecting. I had exposed myself to something truly insane and not pretty that night. And really, that's the only truly bad sex I've ever had. The rest of it just seemed bad after shit went down later. I have mostly been blessed with good sex.

I have a new boy in my life who I'm very excited about and trying to work into this somehow. I mean, we have good sex. Very, very good sex. But I feel so cliche writing the same thing over and over. Dear Diary, Today I had good sex again! And with a different person. Can you believe it?! I would like to say there's something really compelling in that story, but I'm not sure there is.

His name is Arthur Dent, or as I like to call him 42, and he is the husband of Moxie (she chose a name) who I wrote about in the previous post. And he is good at the sex. I don't know why I'm a little surprised by this... it's not really anything to do with him, I had no idea whether he would be or not before it happened (though I was erring on the side of good). I think it has more to do with me being continually surprised that I keep meeting people who are fucking amazing in bed. Where are these people coming from?! I think at some point someone's gonna have to be a dud. And then they never are.

The thing that I think sets him apart for others at this point in my life is just his need. He is a very ravishing sort of man, and I feel just so needed in his presence. So worshiped, which is basically my favorite thing ever. That and he just knows how to keep a fucking pace. He pounds me rhythmically and methodically until I'm a gibbering mess. Of course, I'm making it sound like these are the things he's best at, which is true but he's also very good at everything. Everything. He's good at giving and receiving. It can be hard to find a man who is good at both, and who really truly appreciates both.

Of course, pretty much every man I have sex with on a regular basis is good at giving and receiving. Because I have good sex all the time now.

I want to write an erotic story but I have complete writers block because I'm so goddamn satiated. Oh, poor me! What will I ever do?

Monday, October 10, 2011


I have a new friend, and she probably wouldn't want me to write about her on here. Or maybe she would just a little. I think if I just said a few things about her that would probably make her happy. I want to come up with a new way of describing the sort of relationship I can see myself having with her in the future, and the type of relationship I have had with many of my female friends.

It's something akin to a bromance, but with sex. But even though it's total lesbo-time sex (only with a cock involved, see title of this post), there's something about it that's still a little Eiffle Tower bro-y. Only more feminine. There's this whole aspect of conspiratorial sharing. Of sort of understanding what's hot without even having to say anything to each other. High fives might not be quite appropriate, but perhaps a muff bump?

This fine lady. who does not yet have a name in this blog and the one I've thought of for her would be too obvious, is a bit of a sexual wunder kid I think. She brought out the worst in me in our first sexual experience together (a threesome, duh), and by worst of course I mean the best. I was coming up with ideas I would have never thought of without her as my muse, sitting over there on the cock we were sharing. Her demands were plentiful and spot on; the sort of demands you always wished people were making but you can see them only thinking. She is my evil twin, partner in crime, or maybe even arch nemesis should the mood strike us. We would be the best good cop/ bad cop ever.

As I said above, I've felt this way with a lot of women. It's hard to describe, because it is so sexual. But not in the I-want-to-move-in-with-her-and-have-babies way. I think it's just the sort of relationship that most gay-identified females hate to hear about bi-babes having. I would almost goes so far as to say it's not even romantic. It's sort of like... if Romy & Michelle shared a boyfriend and also licked each others pussies?

I really want to invent the term for this. But I'm still not really thinking of any amazing ideas. Perhaps cock friends? But that's too male centered, and it makes it seem like the relationship has something to do with the guy. Because while it totally does, I also think it doesn't. Sex-ters (like sisters, get it?)? Too hokey. Bi-experimental hetero life mates?