Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road (side) Head

How’s this for a second post:

Last week I drove to Las Vegas with one of my favorite men in the whole world, we’ll call him Zephyr. That is not his real name. We went to Vegas because we wanted to have a lot of sex in a hotel suite, which is why a lot of people go there.

So we drove there through Colorado and Utah and the little corner of Arizona, which doesn’t take very long. And we fucked a lot in our hotel suite, including a particularly steamy session in the shower (ha ha, get it?!) with a hand up my ass.

But the real fun happened when we were driving back the long way, Nevada to Arizona to New Mexico and then north back up through Colorado.  Except there was a fire that you could see for miles on Raton Pass, which meant we couldn’t use I-25 to get back through to Colorado and we had to take 4 extra hours to drive through freakin’ Taos, which made me angry and sad because I had to go to work the next day.

Disheveled, tired, and bored with driving, Zephyr and I decided that we would read an erotic novel that his friend had wrote to each other while the other drove. It is about dolphins and, as is to be expected, just a smidge taboo.  Zephyr and I are already insane amounts of horny for each other, but reading dolphin erotica doesn’t help with that.

As Zephyr is driving north from Taos toward Fort Garland, CO (yeah, I didn’t know it existed either), I confess that I need his cock badly. I make a joke about pulling over by the side of the road and just going at it in my car, but it was a joke because it was daylight and people besides us were actually driving on this road. Zephyr, however, took me seriously. As is his wont.

Don’t get too excited though. We didn’t pull over in mid daylight along this dinky but surprisingly busy highway, because I am too much of a chicken. We made it to Fort Garland as darkness fell, and as I drove us east toward Walsenburg, we began to look for a good spot to pullover in earnest. After making out in one spot and being scared off by how near it was to the road, we found a little driveway thing that sort of dipped below the highway. Game on!
By this point my pussy was straining against my pants with anticipation. I killed the lights on the car and Zephyr reached over and kissed me in his typical melting-me fashion. My pants were already pushed down around my ankles (wait, when did I do that), and he bent over to use his expert tongue on my clit and cunt lips. I looked up and saw lights from trucks passing over us, and came almost as soon as he stuck his fingers in my wet cunt.

I knew I could go for one more, turned on as I was by the situation. OK, and maybe I can always go for one more (or many more, my pussy is greedy). As I could feel him building me up and whispered “yes, make me cum again,” and he said something nasty like “you slut, you want it,” (I can never remember what he says, but its hot trust me). My pussy clenched around his fingers as I climaxed even harder than before.

Now I was ready to taste his cum, so I shoved him back into the passenger’s seat and undid his fly and pulled out his fantastic dick that I adore so ever much.  I didn’t waste any time and started working it with my mouth and hands immediately. I love the fact that I can make him cum so fast this way, and I wanted to do it again so badly. I needed to feel his cock spasming between my lips while his hot cum spurted down my throat.

More trucks and cars passed by above us and I felt him getting harder and harder, his balls going up in my hand as he got close. I began to mostly jerk him off in a twisting motion, my mouth over the head of his cock sucking on it like melting popsicle. His moans became more insistent and his hips thrust into my mouth while his cock jerked and shot his load down my throat, just as I had planned.

I stayed for a moment and sucked gently while I swallowed every drop of cum he had so generously offered. I sat back in the driver’s seat and wiped my mouth. We giggled and talked about how awesome our orgasms were. I pulled my pants up, started the car, and we drove to Walsenburg, to Denver, to Boulder and home.
I miss that fuckin’ vacation soooo much already!

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