Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Political or Sexy?

With this blog, I am trying to decide if political can be sexy, or if I just want to stick with sexy. Or if political is not sexy, do I still want to post political because it's important to me? I have an agenda. A sexual agenda. It's sort of like the gay agenda... I basically want to destroy America's families and pervert innocent bystanders. No, really.

I was trying to decide whether to write about herpes tonight, which I think most of us would agree is not exactly sexy (though it would be really exciting if we could think of a way to make herpes sexy), or about having sex with my husband, Dr. Bigglesworth. Neither Dr. Bigglesworth nor myself have herpes, to our knowledge based on our not infrequent testing practices. But I just... I really hate the way people act about herpes. I just want to slap everyone until they regain their senses and live without fear of a non-life-threatening, relatively painless and symptomless disease.

But I digress. Let's talk about sex instead! Sexy sex.

I have been having sex with Dr. Bigglesworth longer and more frequently than anyone else ever in my life. We met about four years ago and embarked upon a magical journey of fucking together. I distinctly remember having an orgasm the 2nd time I had sex with him, which at that point was actually a fairly rare occurrence for me. I know! Not orgasms, btw. I have been having a shit ton of those since I was 7. But orgasms during penetrative sex, not really so easy for me at the time.

I had this incredible orgasm, while I was on top which I don't even like to be, or didn't at the time and still pretend like I don't but I really do. And I thought "I am in love with this guy. He is my soul mate. We will definitely get married." Orgasms make us think funny things, don't they?

We totally did get married though. For health insurance purposes. And I love him pretty much a whole amazing lot. While I don't believe in the whole "the one" "soul mate" concept anymore, I believe that over the span of a persons life they will meet people with whom they share a very special connection. And he and I have that, orgasmically but also more importantly friendshiply. Even though our personalities are really different, we really get each other somehow.

After four years of sex together almost every single night, though, we've sort of gone down the path of married sex. There's nothing wrong with it and sometimes I prefer it, for many reasons. It's comfortable, it's (often) predictable, it's about love. But it does lack that certain excitement you experience when you're, say, having sex with someone for the 2nd time and you have a crazy orgasm on top of them. Been there, done that. I do know that when I have sex with him, I am almost always guaranteed to orgasm. But it's usually exactly the sort of orgasm I would expect.

You know what I positively love to do with him, though? I love to grab my vibrator, go to town with it while he watches, and squirt before he ever even puts his dick in. That's right, I can do some female ejaculation if the circumstances are right. One reason I can do it with him is that love and comfort I mentioned above. I never worry that he's going to feel like the vibrator is better than him because it can make me squirt, and I know he loves to watch it.

Squirting orgasms are, without a doubt, the most intense orgasms for me. I don't necessarily want to call them the best... OK, I'm tempted to. But there's so many types of orgasms I can have and they're all so great for so many reasons. I had a squirting orgasm tonight, so I feel like calling it the best. But tomorrow I might have multiples brought on by someone elses hand jilling me off, and that's sound pretty fucking fantastic too. Anyhow, when I squirt, every part of my body feels so amazing afterward. It's like being on some sort of intense drug... actually, I did whippits a week or too ago for the first time, and it was similar to that feeling you get right when it hits you. Only it actually lasts longer. I love to squirt and then get fucked good and hard, because that makes it keep going. Not that I keep cumming exactly; more like my euphoria, my high from that orgasm keeps going.

Tonight, though, the real cherry on top came when Dr. Bigglesworth touched my clit right as he was about to cum, and that made me cum with him. If you give me just the tiniest amount of refractory period after I squirt, my clit will be so sensitive when you touch it again that I will just bust an ovary once more.

I think maybe we're not doing so bad after years.

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