Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I don't know why I didn't start a sex blog until now

Gentle readers,

This may only be my first post on here, but I can guarantee you that your minds are about to be blown. I am a sex master, and this blog is going to be all about my adventures in sex mastery.

And by sex mastery, I really only mean that I have a lot of sex. I'm polyamorous, bisexual (although I hate that word, let's just say I'm sexual), and I like to do everything I can think of. Except hurty stuff. I don't really like the SM in BD(SM), only the BD. Depending on what those stand for to you. To me they mostly stand for bondage and dominance. And S is ok as long as it stands for submission.

I fucking LOVE SEX. It's really my.. calling, I think. And although I'm 30, I still don't know what that means. Except for that I try to have a lot of it. And that I'm starting a blog.  

I'm kind of ok at writing too. Need you more reasons to read this blog?!

  • It will be erotic
  • It will be true. Unless it's an erotic story I wrote. Which might happen
  • There might be pictures of my boobs. OK, there will likely be pictures of them
  • My boobs are real fucking nice
  • There might be pictures of my pussy too! :-o
  • Sometimes I say intelligent things about sex
  • Most of what I have to say is, at the very least, entertaining
  • I'm trying to figure out how to fist my girlfriend right now, and when I do you will definitely hear about it!


  1. Hi Kitten,

    So recently came across your blog, and I wanted to throw a question your way. I figured from reading your blog that your experienced talking about sex and might be able to help. I'm new to Colorado, moved for work, and really realized this is an opportunity to explore a bit. I have an interest in women who are older (around 30ish), but I always feel awkward initiating conversations because I've been blown off in the past because I'm young (early 20's). I'm not looking for a romantic relationship by any means, just to grow a little sexually. Any suggestions on how to go about this?

  2. Well, I suppose I would need a little more info about how exactly you went about initiating conversations before I could really tell you what to do here. If you haven't already, join OKcupid. You can also find out a lot about the local sexual community on fetlife if you haven't already tried that as well. The site tends to trend more BDSM, but there are some sex-positive events in the area. There is a polyamory group that meets every Monday in Boulder, which can be hit or miss for meeting people but would probably be a good place for you to learn to navigate relationships, even if you're not seeking multiple Romantic ones it does sound like you might be seeking multiple sexual relationships.
    And as a 31 year old women I can tell you that flattery gets you everywhere, at least with me. It's such a cheesy sort of stereotype about women, but I think it's actually true about most people of any gender. If you can come up with compliments that are heart-felt and honest, and confidently share those compliments without expecting anything in return, you will have a great many friends at the very least and likely a great many lovers.