Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Political or Sexy?

With this blog, I am trying to decide if political can be sexy, or if I just want to stick with sexy. Or if political is not sexy, do I still want to post political because it's important to me? I have an agenda. A sexual agenda. It's sort of like the gay agenda... I basically want to destroy America's families and pervert innocent bystanders. No, really.

I was trying to decide whether to write about herpes tonight, which I think most of us would agree is not exactly sexy (though it would be really exciting if we could think of a way to make herpes sexy), or about having sex with my husband, Dr. Bigglesworth. Neither Dr. Bigglesworth nor myself have herpes, to our knowledge based on our not infrequent testing practices. But I just... I really hate the way people act about herpes. I just want to slap everyone until they regain their senses and live without fear of a non-life-threatening, relatively painless and symptomless disease.

But I digress. Let's talk about sex instead! Sexy sex.

I have been having sex with Dr. Bigglesworth longer and more frequently than anyone else ever in my life. We met about four years ago and embarked upon a magical journey of fucking together. I distinctly remember having an orgasm the 2nd time I had sex with him, which at that point was actually a fairly rare occurrence for me. I know! Not orgasms, btw. I have been having a shit ton of those since I was 7. But orgasms during penetrative sex, not really so easy for me at the time.

I had this incredible orgasm, while I was on top which I don't even like to be, or didn't at the time and still pretend like I don't but I really do. And I thought "I am in love with this guy. He is my soul mate. We will definitely get married." Orgasms make us think funny things, don't they?

We totally did get married though. For health insurance purposes. And I love him pretty much a whole amazing lot. While I don't believe in the whole "the one" "soul mate" concept anymore, I believe that over the span of a persons life they will meet people with whom they share a very special connection. And he and I have that, orgasmically but also more importantly friendshiply. Even though our personalities are really different, we really get each other somehow.

After four years of sex together almost every single night, though, we've sort of gone down the path of married sex. There's nothing wrong with it and sometimes I prefer it, for many reasons. It's comfortable, it's (often) predictable, it's about love. But it does lack that certain excitement you experience when you're, say, having sex with someone for the 2nd time and you have a crazy orgasm on top of them. Been there, done that. I do know that when I have sex with him, I am almost always guaranteed to orgasm. But it's usually exactly the sort of orgasm I would expect.

You know what I positively love to do with him, though? I love to grab my vibrator, go to town with it while he watches, and squirt before he ever even puts his dick in. That's right, I can do some female ejaculation if the circumstances are right. One reason I can do it with him is that love and comfort I mentioned above. I never worry that he's going to feel like the vibrator is better than him because it can make me squirt, and I know he loves to watch it.

Squirting orgasms are, without a doubt, the most intense orgasms for me. I don't necessarily want to call them the best... OK, I'm tempted to. But there's so many types of orgasms I can have and they're all so great for so many reasons. I had a squirting orgasm tonight, so I feel like calling it the best. But tomorrow I might have multiples brought on by someone elses hand jilling me off, and that's sound pretty fucking fantastic too. Anyhow, when I squirt, every part of my body feels so amazing afterward. It's like being on some sort of intense drug... actually, I did whippits a week or too ago for the first time, and it was similar to that feeling you get right when it hits you. Only it actually lasts longer. I love to squirt and then get fucked good and hard, because that makes it keep going. Not that I keep cumming exactly; more like my euphoria, my high from that orgasm keeps going.

Tonight, though, the real cherry on top came when Dr. Bigglesworth touched my clit right as he was about to cum, and that made me cum with him. If you give me just the tiniest amount of refractory period after I squirt, my clit will be so sensitive when you touch it again that I will just bust an ovary once more.

I think maybe we're not doing so bad after years.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dipping My Toes in BDSM

I have a sex friend who has requested to be called Batman or Stingray Man on this here blog. I'm not sure which one to chose; he suggested Batman based on the fact that his chest hair looks like Batman, but I think it looks more like a stingray. Batman seems cooler, and he does have a lot of tools, but Stingray feels more honest.

So Bat/ Stingray Man would claim to not be so into BDSM. But he's just about the most into it of any of my lovers, or at least he seems to know the most about it and can most comfortably navigate in the local community. He took me to the TNG (yes, that stands for The Next Generation, but not the Star Trek version) night at one of the Denver BDSM clubs, and we got our "baby kinkster" BDSM on in front of the crowd. He called us baby kinsters, and I liked it because it seemed about right.

So I'll admit it. I don't really get the whole BDSM thing... but it's strange, because I really want to get it and I really want to be a part of the club. I don't really like pain, or not a lot of it... and that's a big part of the whole thing it seems. I'm fond of telling people I like the BD but not the SM, but that's not entirely accurate. I really like power play, I really like dominance and submission. I like being tied up, but I also like to be able to give myself orgasms if someone else isn't doing it for me. So explain that one.

Whatever we did the other night at TNG worked for me though. And as I've been thinking about it, I think I know what was doing it. We were performing. We both stepped up our game; I was trying to endure more pain than I normally would, in order to impress those watching, and he was trying to be more in charge than usual, in order to impress those watching. Maybe he would disagree with me, I'm not really sure. I know that having those eyes on me, those ears hearing my screams and laughter (that's right! There was a lot of laughing, which also made it delightful imho), made me hot. It all finally clicked for me, or came as close as clicking as it ever has.

We just used clothes pins by the way. And he whapped them off of me. That may sound baby kinkster to you, but I dare you try it. It's a little brutal.

The best part actually came when he pinned my inner tights and my labia, and then sort of dry humped me with them on. I could tell the difference between pain and pleasure in that moment, and I'm pretty sure that's what's supposed to happen. Or at least for me, that's what's supposed to happen.

We had sex the next day. I know, not at the BDSM club?! I was having the first day of my period blues, if you must know (perhaps another contributing factor to it finally working out for me?). It was interesting to go from no sex but sex-related BDSM to vanilla sex with him. Also, he somehow managed to make me cum by putting pressure on the hitachi I was using with his pelvis while we fucked. I usually hate that, but holy crap. Somewhere along the way, Bat/ Stingray Man and I made some sort of emotional connection. And I'm not even sure how. But I trust him. And while I would prefer to have vanilla sex with him most of the time, I think I might have him put clothes pins on my labia in public at some point again in the future.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road (side) Head

How’s this for a second post:

Last week I drove to Las Vegas with one of my favorite men in the whole world, we’ll call him Zephyr. That is not his real name. We went to Vegas because we wanted to have a lot of sex in a hotel suite, which is why a lot of people go there.

So we drove there through Colorado and Utah and the little corner of Arizona, which doesn’t take very long. And we fucked a lot in our hotel suite, including a particularly steamy session in the shower (ha ha, get it?!) with a hand up my ass.

But the real fun happened when we were driving back the long way, Nevada to Arizona to New Mexico and then north back up through Colorado.  Except there was a fire that you could see for miles on Raton Pass, which meant we couldn’t use I-25 to get back through to Colorado and we had to take 4 extra hours to drive through freakin’ Taos, which made me angry and sad because I had to go to work the next day.

Disheveled, tired, and bored with driving, Zephyr and I decided that we would read an erotic novel that his friend had wrote to each other while the other drove. It is about dolphins and, as is to be expected, just a smidge taboo.  Zephyr and I are already insane amounts of horny for each other, but reading dolphin erotica doesn’t help with that.

As Zephyr is driving north from Taos toward Fort Garland, CO (yeah, I didn’t know it existed either), I confess that I need his cock badly. I make a joke about pulling over by the side of the road and just going at it in my car, but it was a joke because it was daylight and people besides us were actually driving on this road. Zephyr, however, took me seriously. As is his wont.

Don’t get too excited though. We didn’t pull over in mid daylight along this dinky but surprisingly busy highway, because I am too much of a chicken. We made it to Fort Garland as darkness fell, and as I drove us east toward Walsenburg, we began to look for a good spot to pullover in earnest. After making out in one spot and being scared off by how near it was to the road, we found a little driveway thing that sort of dipped below the highway. Game on!
By this point my pussy was straining against my pants with anticipation. I killed the lights on the car and Zephyr reached over and kissed me in his typical melting-me fashion. My pants were already pushed down around my ankles (wait, when did I do that), and he bent over to use his expert tongue on my clit and cunt lips. I looked up and saw lights from trucks passing over us, and came almost as soon as he stuck his fingers in my wet cunt.

I knew I could go for one more, turned on as I was by the situation. OK, and maybe I can always go for one more (or many more, my pussy is greedy). As I could feel him building me up and whispered “yes, make me cum again,” and he said something nasty like “you slut, you want it,” (I can never remember what he says, but its hot trust me). My pussy clenched around his fingers as I climaxed even harder than before.

Now I was ready to taste his cum, so I shoved him back into the passenger’s seat and undid his fly and pulled out his fantastic dick that I adore so ever much.  I didn’t waste any time and started working it with my mouth and hands immediately. I love the fact that I can make him cum so fast this way, and I wanted to do it again so badly. I needed to feel his cock spasming between my lips while his hot cum spurted down my throat.

More trucks and cars passed by above us and I felt him getting harder and harder, his balls going up in my hand as he got close. I began to mostly jerk him off in a twisting motion, my mouth over the head of his cock sucking on it like melting popsicle. His moans became more insistent and his hips thrust into my mouth while his cock jerked and shot his load down my throat, just as I had planned.

I stayed for a moment and sucked gently while I swallowed every drop of cum he had so generously offered. I sat back in the driver’s seat and wiped my mouth. We giggled and talked about how awesome our orgasms were. I pulled my pants up, started the car, and we drove to Walsenburg, to Denver, to Boulder and home.
I miss that fuckin’ vacation soooo much already!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I don't know why I didn't start a sex blog until now

Gentle readers,

This may only be my first post on here, but I can guarantee you that your minds are about to be blown. I am a sex master, and this blog is going to be all about my adventures in sex mastery.

And by sex mastery, I really only mean that I have a lot of sex. I'm polyamorous, bisexual (although I hate that word, let's just say I'm sexual), and I like to do everything I can think of. Except hurty stuff. I don't really like the SM in BD(SM), only the BD. Depending on what those stand for to you. To me they mostly stand for bondage and dominance. And S is ok as long as it stands for submission.

I fucking LOVE SEX. It's really my.. calling, I think. And although I'm 30, I still don't know what that means. Except for that I try to have a lot of it. And that I'm starting a blog.  

I'm kind of ok at writing too. Need you more reasons to read this blog?!

  • It will be erotic
  • It will be true. Unless it's an erotic story I wrote. Which might happen
  • There might be pictures of my boobs. OK, there will likely be pictures of them
  • My boobs are real fucking nice
  • There might be pictures of my pussy too! :-o
  • Sometimes I say intelligent things about sex
  • Most of what I have to say is, at the very least, entertaining
  • I'm trying to figure out how to fist my girlfriend right now, and when I do you will definitely hear about it!